Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Duffy Live@Cardiff Uni XFM Winter Wonderland

Duffy performed a 3 song set at this gig. Read a review of the entire gig here and more details here.

Duffy’s brief three-song set is a little respite for those knocked senseless by The Enemy. Her soaring voice and sublime songcraft still packs a punch and wins plenty of new fans.

Duffy’s three-song set is a little incongruous to say the least. Largely acoustic and very brief, it gives the crowd a little breathing space after The Enemy’s square boot to the knackers. Rather than brute force, Duffy’s weapon of choice is her sublime voice. Floating over the packed crowd, it enchants and intoxicates in the same way The Enemy battered and bruised.

You can listen to XFM's interview with Duffy in their player at the link below:
Listen to Duffy being interviewed.

Clip of her Rockferry performance below:

There's also this article below from Dec 11th.... (From here)

Duffy has a voice in a million

IN 2008 the best new voice in Wales is going to take the UK by storm – and you may already have tickets to see her without knowing it.

As part of XFM’s huge Winter Wonderland gig at Cardiff University on Wednesday you could be forgiven for looking no further than Super Furry Animals, The Enemy, We Are Scientists and Kids In Glass Houses.

But you’ll also be treated to a short acoustic set by a stunning newcomer called Duffy.

Amy Ann Duffy has the potential to be the next Amy Winehouse – musically speaking – with her classic songs, luscious arrangements and a voice that has industry insiders comparing her to Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin.

“I get that on a daily basis,” she says slightly embarrassed.

Recently I interviewed Alison Moyet, acknowledged as one of the defining female voices of her generation, and, unprompted, she spilled praise for Duffy’s debut single Rockferry, released last week.

“Young girls normally spurt their vocal too much and it usually takes them a few years to realise that less is more,” said Moyet.

“But Duffy has a great sense of what is right, great control – but not too controlled – and a really nice tone.”

It’s a sound capable of bewitching Radio One and Radio Two and so convinced are people of her success it’s whispered that her record company – Universal offshoot A&M – is throwing £1m at her on promotion alone.

Not bad for a girl from the North Wales hamlet of Nefyn.

Duffy was “discovered” by former Catatonia star Owen Powell and ex-60ft Dolls man Richard Parfitt in 2004.

The pair introduced Duffy to management company Rough Trade who, recognising they had a serious talent on their hands, gave her three years to develop her sound and write songs.

Among those she has worked with in that time is former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. On her MySpace site ( myspace) there is a video of the pair recording their song Syrup And Honey.

Her voice is such pure talent that it is easy to see why she was scared of it as a child.

“When I was younger I didn’t really understand my voice,” said Duffy, who loves to listen to artists like Scott Walker, Betty Swann and Sam Cooke.

“I thought, ‘this is something I can’t tell people because they will laugh at me’.

“I harboured this desire privately for so long but I have really developed as a singer over the last 10 years.

“I am proud of myself because at times I have been really scared and frustrated but I have come through it.”

With her debut album expected early next year, Duffy needs to ready herself for stardom but the endearingly grounded girl says she is not getting any big ideas.

“People ask me what kind of pop star I think I’ll make and I have no idea because I don’t think I am a pop star.

“At the minute I’m just taking every day as it comes but I want to make a lot more records and I’m already thinking of stuff for my second album.

“I’m in a great position now but, whatever happens, I’m just going to enjoy it.”

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