Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Radio Programme about Bernard Butler

Bernard talks about his early days with Suede, along with his production credits for Duffy, Kate Nash, Fyfe Dangerfield and others. The programme includes rare access to demo recordings from both Suede and Duffy. David McAlmont talks about his collaborations with Butler and the lead singer with Texas, Sharleen Spiteri, comments on Bernard's work on her 2008 debut solo album Melody.

Steve Levine analyses the original multi-track recording of one of McAlmont & Butler's biggest hits. He also talks with Fyfe Dangerfield about the construction of his recent Radio 2 airplay hit She Needs Me, which features production work and guest guitar by Bernard Butler.

Listen again for the next few days here:

In the Duffy section they talk mainly about the recording of title track, Rockferry.

An expanded version of the programme is on 6 Music next Sunday:

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