Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Duffy fans come and check out new artist Rumer....

Come and say hello over on my new blog Rumer News and check out new artist Rumer using the player in the top left. Here in the UK, Rumer has been on the Radio 2 playlist now for a few weeks, since her new single "Slow" was featured as the Single of the Week. The single is released August 23rd and there is a new album called "The Seasons of The Soul" or "The Seasons of My Soul" due out in October/November.

I don't usually use Duffy News for mentioning new artists, but Rumer (also known as Sarah Joyce) is particularly special so give her a listen.

Don't worry Duffy fans, now I've said my piece I'll shut my cake-hole about Rumer, at least on the Duffy blog. :-)

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Anonymous said...

This Rumer is fantastic, best thing ive heard in years, thanks for the tip off