Friday, October 8, 2010

Listen to an Interview with Duffy (Real Radio Wales)

Duffy Visits Real Radio Wales

Duffy, Jagger & Woody.
Duffy, Jagger & Woody.

Jagger & Woody chat to pop star Duffy about her boyfriend, cracking America and more... and Duffy hears her single for the first time on radio!

Duffy was really excited to join Jagger & Woody on the show – and sat really close to Jagger! But the most exciting bit was hearing her new single Well Well Well on radio for the first time!

She said: “Last time I got to hear my first single when I was in Paris, in a cab, but this tops that. Getting to hear it on the headphones – it sounds really good on radio! It’s an interesting first play.”

Listen to the whole interview

Jagger & Woody tried to be a bit flirty at first, but knocked it on the head when they remembered who her boyfriend is... beefy Welsh rugby player Mike Phillips.

News reader Jess with Duffy.
News reader Jess with Duffy.

Duffy said marriage wasn't on the cards, just yet, she said: "We are enjoying each other's company you know!"

Woody told her: "You do know what the headlines will be if you get pregnant, don't you - up the Duffy!"

There are no words.

Duffy’s new single Well Well Well is out on October 22.

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