Friday, December 31, 2010

Shocker ... Duffy helps fella Mike Phillips
The Sun have a video of Mike and Duffy doing karaoke. Click here to view it!

Duffy fella's duffy note
The Sun article, published Dec 31st

IF you are heading to the same New Year's Eve party as DUFFY and her fella tonight, remember to take earplugs.

The pint-sized singer allowed rugby ace MIKE PHILLIPS to unleash his tone-deaf bellows when the couple had a go at karaoke.

Wales and Ospreys scrum-half Mike murdered OASISanthem She's Electric, "singing" out of tune before Duffy chipped in to inject a bit of talent into the rendition.

It wouldn't surprise me if the pair had sunk a couple of Jaegerbombs before taking to the stage at a rugby players' hotel bash in Glamorgan, South Waleshand.

The pint-sized pop-star recently told me she can hold her booze due to big nights out with Mike and his rugby crew.

She says: "I do like a drink. Jaegerbombs are my favourite.

"I've been out a few times with my boyfriend and his teammates.

"They always go out together as they are really close."

Singawrong ... couple croon
Singawrong ... couple croon

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading on messageboards that Becker Brown and Duffy have parted company... does anyone know if this true?