Saturday, August 2, 2008

02 Aug: Lydon refuses to apologise to Duffy

The below article appeared today at digital spy.

Lydon refuses to apologise to Duffy

Saturday, August 2 2008, 10:18 BST

By Daniel Kilkelly, Entertainment Reporter

The Sex Pistols rocker reportedly shouted "F*** off, you c***" when the singer tried to hug him from behind as they posed for a group photo at the event.

Duffy was spotted shedding tears following the incident, but Lydon has no regrets, insisting that the singer's behaviour was inappropriate.

"Listen, barmaids across the universe cry over me nightly. What makes this one special? It's a poor young girl who made the mistake of trying to jump on my back," Lydon told the Daily Record.

"You know the world I live in. Most people who grab me from behind are full of ill content. This is just a young girl but she has to understand that that is not how you behave with strangers. I don't behave like that."

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