Sunday, August 3, 2008

03 Aug: Stepping Stone Music Video!

There was a message posted a couple of days ago on the official Duffy website saying that aol would air the Stepping Stone video today. The link off the website is not direct but I tracked in down in the music section of aol here. AOL's Duffy Gallery is quite nice with a couple of pics we haven't seen much of before (I posted a couple of them).

AOL say:

Duffy’s new single Stepping Stone from her widely acclaimed, phenomenally successful debut album Rockferry will be released on September 1st and we’ve got the exclusive to this amazing new video.

- Watch Stepping Stone
- Duffy pictures

Stepping Stone is one of the many album highlights, it is a song about self-possession, strength and restraint . The music is dramatic, pulsating yet sparse, compelling the listener to focus on Duffy’s remarkable vocals and evocative lyrics.

Duffy is soon to embark on a string of U.S. dates, before returning to the UK next month for three festival dates - V Festival (August 16th, 17th) and Hydro Connect (August 31st) - having already demonstrated her festival credentials with a stunning debut performance at Glastonbury.

Since the release of Rockferry in March this year, Duffy has gone on to sell over a million albums in the UK making her the year’s biggest selling artist to date. Rockferry has sold in excess of 2.5 million copies worldwide, and is now certified gold in fifteen countries (including the U.S.) and platinum in a further ten.

See Duffy live this summer:
August 16th V Festival, Chelmsford
August 17th V Festival, Staffordshire
August 31st Hydro Connect Festival, Argyll ( Buy tickets )

The new video on youtube:


Anonymous said...

"...and is now certified gold in fifteen countries (including the U.S.) and platinum in a further ten."

I make that 10.5 million copies: gold = 500,000; platinum = 300,000.

I guess this means 10.5 million copies in total have been shipped from the producer to the retailers, with at least 2.5 million actually having been sold to end-user customers.

Anonymous said...

Stepping Stone Video: Stone me, Sharon, they've gone for the beaver shot.


Anonymous said...

Each country has it's own qualifying figure, for example gold in the UK is 100K in Sweden it's 20K. So your 10.5 million shipped is way over.

danyelle6974 said...

LOL What on earth does this mean?

"Stepping Stone Video: Stone me, Sharon, they've gone for the beaver shot."

Perhaps you can give us the time in the vid where you are eferring to?!

Anonymous said...

Having carefully scrutinized the subject matter many times, I can now conclude that the beaver only seems to make a partial appearance at approximately 1:48, but is probably fully clothed.

And so, to put your mind at rest, no beavers were fully exposed in the making of this film.

Thank God.

danyelle6974 said...

no wonder I didn't think you meant that kind of beaver - hardly explicit is it? LOL

Anonymous said...

The video reminds me of the Ruth Ellis David Blakely case. I must be very old