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28 Mar: Duffy Live@V Festival, Sydney (AUS)

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Stay With Me Baby:

Fool For You:

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Backstage at Sydney's V Festival Welsh chanteuse Duffy has just arrived at the Centennial Park site.

It's noon. The headline acts are still asleep at their hotels and the gates haven't opened yet.

But Duffy's armed with caffeine and nicotine and ready to go.

Despite having one of the biggest-selling albums of last year with her debut Rockferry she's virtually opening V Festival, with a 2.15pm slot.

"I'm headlining a European festival in six weeks' time that there'll be 60,000 people at. Here I'm playing at 2pm.

"I don't know if that's soul-destroying or really balancing and healthy. I can't quite decide. But you're at the mercy of your surroundings at a festival. If you want me at 2pm, fine."

It's fine for all concerned. Duffy's premature performance has drawn a large crowd of early birds -- pleasing to organisers who've struggled with sales for V's entire existence.

Rampant singalongs ensue. Local radio may have been allergic to her hit-everywhere-else-in-the-world Mercy, but it becomes the day's first anthem.

"I don't walk on stage feeling a need to address angst or darkness or heavy moments," Duffy says.
"When it's your own show you can really go to the edge of a cliff. When it comes to a festival you have to go a bit more light-hearted and compromise. We're here for fun."

Her slick band sit at ease with your regular festival fare, and Duffy's two backing singers (twin sisters dressed identically) and her big hairpiece certainly don't hose down those Motown comparisons.

Her set proves that though commercial radio has belatedly discovered Duffy through Rain on Your Parade, the public have embraced Rockferry without their help.

The singer seems to enjoy her word-of-mouth appeal in Australia.

"I've earned my innings. I don't normally pat myself on the back but I know I've done my service," Duffy says.

"I've played s--- venues, where out the front it seems amazing but out the back there isn't even a bathroom you can use.

"So in 40 years or four weeks or four months' time when I'm at an arena of 15,000 people I won't feel ashamed or afraid to be on that stage. I've earned every part of it from the ground up."

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