Saturday, November 6, 2010

03 Nov: Duffy Live@NYC - Band of Gold cover&Don't Forsake Me First Listen

Well Well Well
Keeping My Baby
Don't Forsake Me
My Boy
Band of Gold (cover)

Don't Forsake Me:

There is a review of the full show and a couple of photos here.

A regular contributor to the shoutbox, Liammom61, kindly provided this review of the gig:

Duffy In Concert
P.C Richards Theater
NYC, 11/3/10

When I won tickets to see Duffy, to say I was excited was an understatement. After finagling a few things like husband, kids, work, and dog, I was set to go. We started out at 9:00 AM on Wednesday from a very nice place in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York. We drove 2 ½ hours to get to the train and then spent another 2, hours on the train arriving at 2:30PM. We then walked about 40, blocks to make sure we found the theater, after that we had dinner at a nice Italian place around the corner. After dinner we got in line at the theater, we were 4th and 5th in line. The line filled up fast after that, we were checked in and got wrist bands. Across from us band members were coming and going, coming outside for a smoke, you couldn’t miss the drummer with his hair. We were let in at about 6:40 and we could not believe how small it was, my husband says about the size of our basement, it held about 250 people standing up. We were about 4 feet from the stage and slightly to the left. Duffy started on time and was introduced by a DJ from a local radio station and went right into Well Well Well. Everybody was dancing and enjoying themselves. After that song she talked to the crowd and said that she really liked small intimate venues and was glad that we had all won the tickets. The theme of the show was for her to play new material and re- introduce herself to her fans. Like most New York audiences the crowd interacted with Duffy, she said she liked being in America especially the way we phrase things. She said that the entire band was from the UK but then realized that there was one American, she apologized and then said she was Welsh and then did Keeping My Baby, which I have only heard once or twice before. Everyone in the audience was dancing and having a good time. The next song was Don‘t Forsake Me, she said that this song was very close to her heart and sort of told her story. The song was very well received by the audience, after this she went right into Endlessly which was also very well received, the entire audience was hooting and hollering. Next she played My Boy which as most of you know is my favorite but now I am not so sure, I loved them all. After that song someone yelled out that she should make that her next single, she gave him a big smile so she might be planning to do that. Next she said she was going to do a cover that was suggested by Albert Hammond Sr. who said “kid, you have to cover this song” it was Band of Gold which was a perfect fit, I thought it was the highlight of the evening. The last song of course was Mercy which had the only mishap of the evening when the wire came out of the microphone. The band never missed a beat, they were a tight group of groove cats, those are my husbands words. Everyone wanted more but she said she had to catch a train back to Wales, we also had to catch our train back to upstate New York. We got home at 1:00AM Thursday morning, it was well worth it and we would do it again in a heart beat.

AKA Liammom61

This event was filmed for the iheartradio (stripped) sessions. Here it says that the full clips of Mercy and Well, Well, Well (excerpt below) will become available next week! Hopefully some of the other tracks will aswell....

Photos of Duffy during rehearsal (tons more pics here):


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review Dawn, but are you sure Duffy said she had to catch a train back to Wales? I was not aware that trains run between NYC and Wales. )))

On "Band of Gold", a song I have loved since childhood, she sounds too much like she is straining. Based on the video performance, I'd say this was the worst I've ever heard Duffy sound.

Anonymous said...

"Based on the video performance" are the operative words. Most YouTube videos apart from HD 1080i all have crap sound quality. Duffy is still brilliant live.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "sound" was a poor choice of word! Regardless of the quality and video hosting site, Duffy is straining in her delivery of "Band of Gold". This isn't natural for her, and it definitely resulted in a sub-par performance!

I love Duffy and her "sound". And, in the sense it was intended, "sound" had absolutely nothing to do with quality in this case.

Dawn said...

I believe it was a joke...Cause your right there isn't a train from New York city to Wales and also she was on Jimmy Fallon the next evening..
And about the You tube video was sub par but live it was BRILLIANT

rashid1891 said...

Based on the video performance" are the operative words.