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17 Nov: Brigitte German Magazine (Thx Succo!)

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Machine translation of the German text:

Actually, it's all here terribly uncomfortable. yes Was not her idea that the mini-concert. Has
come up with their record company. Journalists would get half of Europe, it said, a few
friends, a few hand-picked supporters, a few people from the industry, nothing more. Just half
an hour, only a small but very fine life character: Duffy is back!

As if Aimee Ann Duffy, 26 years old, ever would have had time to be gone. Just two years
ago that their debut album was the most successful record of the year 2008 in Europe. With
this music, which sounds as if it had been at some time taken up in the 60s, this girl from
Wales, which looks as if it were 45 years ago, stung by a magical needle, and only recently been
kissed awake - three Brit Awards and a Grammy, it was for "Rockferry", almost seven
million copies sold worldwide, this retro-soul work of art of exceptional voice.
A year ago she was on tour so, then Duffy has worked on the new CD. And now she stands in
front of 250 people in the Cafe de Paris ", at a nightclub in London, only a few steps from
Piccadilly Circus. 250 people who expect them to sing something new, something unheard.
The room is black (the walls) and gold (the balustrades of the staircases and galleries), Duffy
is also in black (the narrow, hochgeschlitzte dress) and gold (her hair). It looks great,
glamorous, a bit like Brigitte Bardot in the early 60s - shy and sexy, a great combination. "We
are playing a few songs that still does not know her," she says, "and if they do, then you are
the expert in illegal downloading." Friendly laughter. The band kicks off, songs from their
new album "Endlessly", the first bars of the new single, and Aimee Ann Duffy sings
"Well, Well, Well."

The next thing she said was that she did not really have anything to do with this concert.
"The concerts have never really, they are to me a bit uncomfortable," she says. "In performances it is just about to give something from me, and I do have too much. But I prefer for me not much of it."
Despite their murderous Manolo Blahnik high heels she looks now do not look so sexy, but a pretty nice way. She is pale, with fine freckles, and small, as in the League of Madonna and Kylie
Minogue. And so here is like being on stage, she is not. But funny and talkative and friendly
She is on a high chair at the window of London's Royal Garden Hotel ", end days with views
over Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park" This is my throne, "she says with a grin. And says
she has thought for a time out to make another record. "I've seen always felt that what is good
for me and what not," she says, "and suddenly I had absolutely no time to think about it. If
you go to eat in the music industry a half hour lunch, everyone thinks you would have ended
the career. That is not healthy. " At that time, the last year, she had missed a week of the
mobile phone has moved and no one has said where. That, says Duffy, "was healthy".
Physicist or mathematician could work off their life long on a subject without having to create
at the end really something, "she says." It happened immediately pop business. You can leave
a worldwide hit in a half-hour . And if you had such a success as I did with the first album,
then expect all of them. " Duffy looks at the dusk in the park, "but I had the feeling stop. Do I
really want, which is tuned to the music? ? The pressure, the expectations, the paparazzi
"Ultimately, it was clear after a week: yes, you want it, the so-difficult second album, with all
the side effects..

The second record is something from which all respect. It's like in sports, if you looked for a
rise of the class and lose in the second season of a sudden he has practiced. As in love, show
where the euphoria of the first months is like a relationship is suitable for everyday use. There
will be people who criticize her, the record is quite different than the first. And those who
complain that she was quite well and have been no development. You can not win much with a second album. Especially not if you have already won everything with the first. 2008, it
looked as though Duffy came out of nowhere, as if it had gone down by some Welsh hills as a
bright appearance, which raises quite magical times just an exceptional album in the world.
This is nonsense, of course, she has worked for four years for what happened. And yet, says
Bernard Butler, the guitarist for the Brit-pop band Suede and one of its discoverers: "She's a
hard message for us cynics in the pop business, because it is difficult to understand how far
removed from our world it is."
Aimee Ann Duffy's real world is called Nefyn, a seaside town in Wales from the Irish Sea,
2619 inhabitants at the last census of 2001. "My father is English, and until I was ten, I did
not know any other people who spoke English," she says, "I was just the basics did not even
write our culture, language, education -.. That everything was Welsh. " There was one
exception: In the pub, who ran her father, English and American music was played, soul
classics. The songs she was fascinated. And then there was this video that her father has given
her a recording of a show from the 60s, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield.
She has seen her repeatedly until the tape was too thin and cracked, in order to continue to
play. But the seeds of her longing had been set. When she was ten, her mother separated from
her father and took the children - in addition to her twin sister Katy Duffy and three years
older than Kelly. They fled literally in the middle of the night, her mother acted as if this were
all a great adventure. They moved to Pembrokeshire in south Wales, because her mother
wanted to live there with her great childhood love. Her stepfather was given shortly after the
custody of his own four children awarded. So they were nine, in one for Aimee Ann; strange
world, was spoken in English, was at work the big issue and not fun and culture. She did not
feel to belong there.

The problems were not smaller than the ex-wife of her step-father's a killer hired to liquidate
the secessionist husband. The plan to fly, but Duffy's family had to move for some time a
secret property of the police. "It was claustrophobic, surreal, traumatic," said Duffy. After five
years, then cut off overnight, for the first time alone, back north to her father. Because she
wanted even then only make music, and the tavern of her father seemed to be a good place to
be. your mother has a year not long talks with her. "She thought back then, their clever clever
daughter would throw away their lives," says Duffy, "everything seemed to her as a creative
risk." Today they are. It really is well expected for all involved.

Ultimately, Duffy took five more years to come from south Wales to London. She has a lot of
tries, a lot of nonsense, "smoking not only cigarettes," got himself into dangerous situations
such as at night to hitchhike alone without a penny in the road. She studied in Chester culture,
where she was the boss of the label Rough Trade discovered. When the offer of a very large
record company came, she has long wondered. A list of pros and cons created. The glory of
the stress, the unrest were on the contra side. She has signed yet, "I am not a victim these
negative phenomena. " And yet. strangely, these relations. "Nefyn is about the park gate and
behind the trees," Duffy said, pointing down to the park, "the rest is sea and fields If I play
about 10 000 people, I think. They are four times Nefyn It is my unit. . And my home, I carry
within me, but it was always the place from which I weggesehnt me. " And that's finally going
to the music she loves and has made famous. "Soul is not a question of the origin, whether
you are black or white does not matter," she says with her Welsh accent that sounds a bit of
Scandinavian, "it is a matter of desire and passion with which do you want things."
The fact that girls of today sing old-sounding soul is not their invention. But Amy Winehouse,
Adele, Joss Stone and how hot they are all still firmly anchored in the present. Have tattoos or
piercings or a punk lifestyle. Duffy is somehow different. She is on stage a timeless work of art. When you see old videos of the 60s icon Dusty Springfield, you can see striking
similarities. The look, the longing in his voice, the dry humor with which they mirrored
themselves in interviews, the reserved stage presence.
Dusry Springfield is not become 60th Duffy also makes the subtle worried about their future.
"So many stars are tragic blonde broken on life," she says, "have been unlucky in love, have
been cheated or died early."

On counts. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, "even if still alive. And then
there was the inhabitant of this little house over there. "She nodded over to Kensington
Palace, the residence of Princess Diana." I hope I can break the curse of the blondes, "she says
and grins. With their little concert in the "Cafe de Paris" is perceived by a curse nothing Duffy
performs' not, as it is today exemplified in every talent show -. She just sings. And while
music from an album that quite a bit different. She separated from their discoverers - "I've
grown up." - And has worked with new people, so now also no longer Albert Hammond, for
example, the Popkönig the 60s and 70s, with whom she in Los Angeles all nights produced by
added. Now suddenly swings to electro, "My Boy" could also be of Kylie Minogue. This is a
bit strange. But there are still ballads like "Endlessly," where you can feel that they are in
them feel at home. And make them unique, they stand out from so many others.

Her boyfriend is also in the audience. Mike Phillips is a star himself, a Welsh rugby
international, a damn handsome man, it is a bad rumor: Phillips is alleged to have taken it into
his head, angling to be a famous girlfriend. He can be procured from his agent Duffy's
address, she asked for a date - and only when Duffy consented, he should have had with his
then girlfriend circuit. "Rumors," said Duffy. "I just know that I can rely on him." Their
version goes like this: He had a half years ago reading a magazine in which a story was about
them, even, that she was single, and he said to his friends, I know that it is the right girl for
me. "And I think he could be the one," says Duffy, "he is cool and relaxed, and I can speak
Welsh to him." That's good, because a man who speaks Welsh is one mandatory in the future
vision of Aimee Ann Duffy.

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