Sunday, November 7, 2010

Duffy's producer "like a dad" to her.

This story is all over the net. The source is presumably a forth coming interview in next month's Q Magazine.

Duffy's Producer Bond
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Duffy has struck up a close bond with her music producer Albert Hammond and says he feels like a father to her.
Duffy says her current producer has become "like a dad" to her.
The Welsh singer has been working with Albert Hammond - father of The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. - and said they struck up a real chemistry between them when writing songs for her new album.
Duffy said: "I feel lucky I've found someone I can put pen to paper with. I write songs - melodic poems, really - and I can't do anything with them because I can't play guitar. He can put together this thing that I hear in my head. He's become a bit like my dad, you know."
The 26-year-old star - whose debut LP 'Rockferry' sold 6.5 million copies - was initially contacted by Albert after he had written a song for her and she instantly felt a connection with the lyrical subject matter.
She explained: "He made contact a couple of years ago when he saw me on the TV. I was a bit alone at the time - life was a bit big and scary - and he told me he had a song titled 'Don't Forsake Me', and it felt like he'd come up with a title for my life."
Duffy's second album 'Endlessly' is set for release on November 29.

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