Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20 Jan: Duffy live in Athens, Greece on June 19th 2009

According to this article in a Greek newspaper Duffy will perform live in Athens, Greece on June 19th as part of the Ejekt Festival (19-20 June 09).

The article basically informs readers of some of Duffy's success in 2008. The google translate is quite poor I think but here it is anyway.

The Greek public danced her successes, she has a platinum debut disc and set a ringtone of songs. Now it's time to enjoy and live. Duffy comes to Athens for a big concert Friday June 19 - the first big name this year Ejekt Festival (19-20/6). The scene we saw recently in the Brixton Academy in London and was really amazing. With the nostalgic songs of the'60s and the sexy moves of everyone and won appreciation.

Bad lies, if a name elampse the world music scene in 2008, it was Duffy. The success of «Mercy» and «Stepping Stone» played ceaselessly from radio, the debut of «Rockferry» sold more than 1.69 million copies in Britain alone, and the reputation and came up Grammy awards. Within less than a year, Xanthoula singer from North Wales, many hurriedly to call the new Dusty Springfield, saw its dream to become reality.

The story of Aimee Duffy seems like a musical tale. Everything started from Nefyn, a small seaside town of 2,250 residents in north Wales, where she grew up without having direct contact with music. She began to sing blues songs and soul and when she was little edioxan from the school choir because they knew the right places to voice. Never did not put down. For 4 years she lived her own adventure of music, changing buses and trains across the distance from the cosmopolitan city of London just to record her first album. This trip antikatroptizei the successful «Rockferry», which brings the sound of the legendary Motown today. What is success for the same; «To get 50 years and I leave behind me a great number of disks on which to feel proud», stated in an interview in the IP. Information about the emergence of Athenian Duffy, and the venue of Ejekt will be announced soon.

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