Friday, January 2, 2009

Danyelle is away until jan 20th!!!

Yes I am off on my holidays (to see family at the same time) and they don't have computers so there's no way I'll be tempted to get on here and leave you some Duffy news...

If you find any nice Duffy pics/info and you want to share it with me then leave a comment. But I won't get the comments until I return to if you want to share it with everyone else please leave the link/info in my shoutbox on the left hand side. :-)

Bye for now and Happy New Year!


DavidLeiLam said...

Have a nice and safe vacation off =]

grumps said...

this is fun:

Texas Tom said...

Mercy Number 2 song of the year
Warwick Avenue Number 41

voted by Austin listeners!