Saturday, January 24, 2009

24 Jan: Duffy already working on Second Album?

The News of the World have this article about Duffy.

That Duffy-cult second album

THE DARKNESS, SCISSOR SISTERS, ALANIS MORISSETTE — big names who were all victims of SAS (Second Album Syndrome).

And now one of Britain’s most gifted treasures DUFFY must hope (along with rest of us) to avoid the same fate.

The Welsh wonder is back in the studio working hard on album No2.

The good news is that she’s with Brit nominated producer BERNARD BUTLER - the man behind her storming debut Rockferry (if it’s not on your iPod, go download it NOW!).

“Duffy has spent ages writing new material,” an insider told me.

“She knew Bernard could help her realise the kind of album she wants to make. It will have the same kind of retro sound as Rockferry but Dufffy hopes she can hone her sound.”


Anonymous said...

Duffy-cult? What on earth is the plonker on about? These pathetic journos really do need shooting.

Anyway, Duffy has said many times any spare time - hours even - that she has, she spends writing or in the studio. So it's no big deal.

Joe said...

This is a blatant puff-piece for Bernard Butler, down-playing Duffy's genius and greatness.

Bernard Butler wasn't "the man behind" the original album - he produced only four of the ten tracks. The main people "behind the album" were without doubt Duffy and Jeannette Lee.

The other - better, in my opinion - producers on the original album were Jimmy Hogarth, Eg White and Steve Booker (Mercy, Stepping Stone). Steve also produced Rain On Your Parade and Breaking My Own Heart on the De-luxe.

The journo is indeed a plonker. But then again it's the NOTW so we shouldn't expect anything half-way good, decent or intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Who are the most anti-Duffy journos out there? My choices:

Ben Walsh (Independent)
Kitty Empire (Observer)
Greg Cochrane (Guardian)
Sophie Hammer (BBC)

Any others for the firing squad?