Monday, February 21, 2011

21 Feb: Duffy quitting music for a 'quiet life'

Duffy quitting music for a 'quiet life'
by Dean Piper, Sunday Mirror

Sad news for Duffy fans – it would appear the star is making plans to leave the ­industry that made her rich and famous.

The star has told close pals that she’s ready to “have babies, get ­married and live in the country” with her rugby boyfriend Mike Phillips and says she has no ­interest in pursuing her chart career for now.

A pal of the Welsh warbler reveals: “She’s really down about the last ­album, Endlessly.

“It didn’t sell well and charted terribly and she isn’t trying again and making a comeback.

“She wants to have a quiet life and start over. Duffy made a truckload of cash with the first album and through her endorsements with Diet Coke, so she’s ­comfortable and able to enjoy some down-time. She’s not got management right now and has met a few people about taking over. But she’s just not interested.

“She’s continually saying she doesn’t want to let her record company down. But her old label, A&M, was ­basically ­abolished outside the USA after her last single flopped. She’s under Polydor now.

“Her record company made £20million or so from the first album, so she has nothing to be down about. All she wants is to enjoy life without the pressures of stardom.”

The Duffster sold fewer than 4,000 copies of her single Well, Well, Well in three days when it was ­released just before Christmas.

Reports claimed the star, 26, was ­suffering after dumping her main songwriter and producer, ex-Suede man Bernard Butler, and the woman who ­discovered her, ­Jeanette Lee. It’s all a far cry from when she sold half a million copies of Mercy and her ­album Rockferry spent weeks in the Top 10.

But it would appear since she started dating buff ­Ospreys rugger star Mike in September 2009 she’s craved a quiet life.

My source adds: “She’s a girl who’s had a rollercoaster rise to fame – and right now she wants to get off and be quiet for a while. In fact, for quite some time.”

Put your feet up, I say!

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