Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Duffy are you out there?! And appeal from your fans!

The above photo is what we used to used to see at this link, but now the My Boy two track single, due to be released March 13th, has disappeared from the UK iTunes store. :-( A second single was previously thought to be released on Valentine's Day (Feb 14th) so this release was already a month late anyway, but we know that a video has been shot for My Boy so it seemed the release was set.

News of the release has also been removed from Duffy's Official website. It used to say this:

The apparent disappearance of the new single coincided with these happenings:
  • Duffy's scheduled appearance on channel 4's "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" on 22nd Feb 2011 didn't materialise. She was due to be showcasing the new single "My Boy". The text in the TV mags says so, and it used to say that on the Channel 4 website but it turned out that Ellie Goulding performed instead.
  • There was a typically tabloid article in the Sunday Mirror, claiming that Duffy is "quitting music for a quiet life. This link to the article on the Mirror website used to work, but now (is this a coincidence?) it won't load and just forwards you to If you search the mirror website for Duffy the headline of the article is shown (as of today 23rd Feb 2011) but again when you click to see the article it just forwards to I presume the article was actually printed in the Sunday Mirror newspaper that day, but who knows. If the article was retracted legally ( and that is a big "IF"), where would that be reported and how would we find out? Thanks to Duffy News you can currently read the exact words of the original article here. You'll see that the article said that Duffy is "making plans to leave the industry". If this was true (and that is an even bigger "IF" than before!) then how could "making plans" translate into an immediate disappearance? And wouldn't the article be reporting that the new single has been pulled immediately since that is a confirmation for their story?
  • According to a couple of articles that hit the web yesterday, an official statement was released saying “Duffy is taking a break before starting work on her next album”, but there has been no statement published on Duffy's official website yet.
  • There have been reports by visitors to Duffy News' Shoutbox that Duffy's band members have tweeted that Duffy's live band has broken up, which would indicate there are no more gigs and no tour for fans.

What does this mean? Has Duffy quit for good? Have the label pulled the single for poor sales? Has Duffy exited the public eye just for now? Is this all we'll hear of the unreleased B side "Tell Me"?
I've emailed contacts at Duffy's management and have received NO REPLY SO FAR (23rd Feb).
Please Duffy, tell us what is happening!

UPDATE 4:30pm 23rd Feb: Expect a reply byu the end of the week.

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