Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 Jun: Duffy parties with her twin sis (Sun article)

This "news" article from today's Sun.

Duffy parties with her twin sis

Duffy and her siblings

DUFFY’s twin has finally come out of hiding.

The Welsh warbler has been trying to keep her sister secret for months – but finally cracked on a night out for their 24th birthday.

The Duffys – star Aimee Anne, twin Katy and older sister Kelly (centre) – were out on the smash in a swanky club in London’s West End.

It’s only up the M4 but it could have been a million miles from their home town, Nefyn.

The siblings were supposed to be having fun but they make Manc misery MORRISSEY look chipper.

A Duff night out then, girls?

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Anonymous said...

It must be difficult being Duffy's sisters, after all they didn't ask to be in the public eye.