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02 May: Guardian compare Duffy to Bardot

Duffy has been compared endlessly and now the Guardian shows us that it is still going on. Their pick for comparison is Bridgett Bardot. Duffy isn't the only one to be accused of 'stealing style' though. They line up Amy Winehouse as copying The Supremes, Cat Power as copying Patti Smith, Beyonce as copying Tina Turner and Alex Turner as copying John Lennon.

All in all I think it is a rather pointless article which relies heavily on their own photo gallery for accompaniment ... a bit like those silly "separated at birth" spots in those celeb mags... Relevant bits from the article pasted below.

Below is the picture of Bardot which they compare with this photo of Duffy...

Spirit of the beehive

The music may be new but the looks are familiar. Today's pop stars are stealing their style from the stars of the past. Here's a guide to who's copying who
Duffy (2007) Bridget Bardot (1959)

It seems that someone at A&M (Duffy's record label) saw an aesthetic opportunity and grabbed it. You can see their thinking - "Duffy looks a bit like Bardot doesn't she? Right, let's crack open the industrial-strength mascara." Meanwhile the singer claims to be more influenced by Motown artist Rita Wright. But no matter, those bosses know best, and Duffy looks far more like a 60s Bardot in singer mode than a 70s Wright, so the denim and the poloneck look wins out. For both, the fitted but demure black knitwear provides an excellent contrast to their kittenish hair, heavily made-up "bare" complexion and nude lips. Duffy's denim is borrowed from Bardot too. The Welsh singer is currently developing a taste for chambray denim shirts - although hers are D&G rather than Levi's. Witness, too, the jeans in this picture. They are not quite Bardot's preferred Capri length, but they're turned up enough to reveal an ankle and allude to the borrowed sexiness of a barefoot Bardot cavorting on a sandy beach. Admittedly Duffy's beach is more likely to be in windswept Wales than in the south of France, but no matter, the allusion is clear.


[End Article]

As if Duffy was the only persona fter Bardot to take her shoes of on the beach... someone should tell the authors that you just get sand in your shoes if you don't take them of.

Oh come on.... cheap journalism or what... spend a few hours flicking through some photos then matching them up as close as possible...

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