Thursday, May 22, 2008

22 May: Warwick Avenue Single Review

I don't think much to this review.... what do you think?

Duffy - Warwick Avenue (EMI)

Sarah Walters
22/ 5/2008

SHE'S stunned us all: lose a Welsh talent show and you too can go on to boast a double platinum album. Rockferry's success owes as much to its clean production as it does its scattergun approach to styles, but what ties it all together is its retro feel.

Warwick Avenue is the absolute case in point, borrowing a rhythm from The Temptations' My Girl and a tune straight out of the soul songbook, while Duffy pulls off the whimpering woman scorned in convincing Aretha Franklin style.

It's all very professionally delivered, then, but there's this nagging feeling that Duffy (a girl who, by her own admission, was untouched by modern music until her post-Waw Ffactor emersion in the recording studio) is just the pipes of this engine. Impressive, though those pipes may be.

Released on May 26

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Anonymous said...

"Duffy is just the pipes of this engine".

This is a very ignorant woman. Somebody should give her a slap and tell her that Duffy wrote the lyrics to all the songs on her UK album.

Another devious, corrupt hack - there is no honest journalism anymore.