Sunday, May 11, 2008

11 May: Duffy @ Radio 1's Big Weekend

Duffy was Live@ Radio 1's Big Weekend in Mote Park, Maidstone, UK

First of all - IF YOU HAVE A DVD QUALITY VIDEO OF DUFFY'S SET OR SOME TOP QUALITY AUDIO PLEASE LET ME KNOW... In fact if you press red whilst watching any BBC channel on Sky digital or Freeview from 11th until 17th they are replaying the entire Big Weekend, so if anyone can DVD record that then it would be much appreciated!

UK viewers can watch a video of Duffy's entire set on their website here. However, if you download Applian FLV Player (for free) you can download this video and watch it on your PC no matter where you live!

Alternatively, you can download a rip of the audio from the TV - but be warned these are not good audio rips as the songs are NOT tidied at the beginning and end, there are various Windows noises throughout (especially Warwick Avenue and Rockferry) and there's about a minute missing from Syrup&Honey! But the audio is better quality than the above video so it is worth a listen - but if I ever find the guy who did this then he could seriously do with some tips! LOL
SETLIST (and links to download MP3s of these bad audio rips):
Breaking My Own Heart
Warwick Avenue
Hanging On Too Long

Before her set on stage, Duffy did a 'backstage' acoustic version of Madonna's 'Borderline', which was broadcast on BBC Radio 1, along with an interview. These are available to download in MP below:
Acoustic Borderline (Madonna Cover)
Interview with Duffy

Vid of the Borderline performance is below:

And here is a vid of another interview (this one with Moyles):

Below are Radio One's vids of Duffy having a laugh with We Are Scientists:


Anonymous said...

That Duffy she's got a shed load of charisma hasn't she? And if people don't like her stage performance here, well they're never going to like her. Brilliant.

Fred said...

See also :

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks FRed! I was on the case... those 2 vids were small enough to be youtubed so they will appear shortly in this blog. ;-)

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