Tuesday, May 20, 2008

20 May: FIRST LOOK: Duffy's Stripped-Down Studio Performance

Here you can see a clip of Duffy performing a 'stripped down' version of Mercy... (Warning - the sound only seems to work in IE for me, not in FF). Watch for the full performance on 21st May on Yahoo Music's 'who's next'.

After releasing her album Rockferry in America last week, Welsh soul singer Duffy strips down her single "Mercy" in a new performance video on Yahoo! Music – and PEOPLE.com has an exclusive first-look at the session.

"I would describe my sound as something organic and – I know it's a big word to use – classic," Duffy, 23, tells PEOPLE.

Although often described as reminiscent of early Motown or '60s soul singers Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark – or more recent fellow U.K. imports Amy Winehouse and Adele – Duffy says she hates the comparisons. "Everything that's been said, I feel that it's completely untrue. It's like someone telling you every day that you look like somebody, and you're like, 'But I really don't!'" she says.

Duffy, who is single, says she has so far managed to avoid the pitfalls of fame that have derailed other young artists. "I just don’t become excessive," she says. "It's easy to become excessive when you’ve got it all at your fingertips. You can drink as much as you want, have anything you want, go anywhere you want, be with anyone you want. So I just try to put the breaks on."

Born Aimee Ann Duffy, she now lives in London after growing up in the small town of Nefyn, North Wales, and still speaks her native Welsh tongue when she returns to visit friends and family, including twin sister Katy. Although her divorced parents still call her Aimee, her friends use a series of nicknames: "Duffs, or Duffy or Dufflebag or Duff Beer, Doofus," she laughs.

Yahoo! Music debuts Duffy's full performance session on their "Who's Next" page on May 21.

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