Monday, May 12, 2008

12: Sun Article Duffy: I'm a cheap date

Duffy: I'm a cheap date

SONGBIRD DUFFY has good news for millions of blokes who fancy her.

She might have a No1 album, No1 single and a growing bank balance — but her dating demands are far from extravagant.

The singer told me: “I get p***ed on two glasses of wine. I’m not going to lie, I’m a cheap date.”

No shame in that, ma’am. I can see a queue forming of fellas clutching bottles of Blue Nun.

But she shouldn’t sell herself short.

Duffy stole the show at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Maidstone, Kent.

She’s earned all her wedge and has a cracking sense of humour too.

She was in a confident mood for her set on Saturday and even had the cheek to borrow Borderline from headliner MADONNA for her intimate Guest Tent gig.

Duffy mesmerised the crowd when she burst into the song, revealing she was singing from the heart.

The singer said: “Doing a Madonna song is quite outrageous. I put a bit of thought into it. I think if Madonna heard it she would say, ‘Oi, behave, Welsh singer bird’.

“Borderline sounds like a soul song. I like the way it explains a feeling. It’s about a guy I fancy. That song explains a lot. He’s not here. We’ve got issues.”

I asked her to have a few of glasses of wine and explain — but she knew what I was up to. The star later performed to more than 20,000 people on the same stage Madge was to use.

Duffy’s getting used to the fame game too. She said: “At the beginning I was really careful — you know, early to bed — but now I’m used to it I push the boat out when I can.

“I can get away with four hours kip but any less than that and it’s bad. It’s day and game over.”

Especially if she’s had a couple of glasses of wine in male company.

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