Saturday, May 24, 2008

24 May: Duffy & Butler work on movie Soundtrack

From the BBC, pasted in below.

Duffy for Joe Meek film

By Georgie Rogers
Butler and Duffy turn to film soundtrack
23 May 2008 - Bernard Butler is working on a cover with Duffy for a film about the pioneering English producer and songwriter Joe Meek.

The former Suede guitarist and producer of the female singer's successful debut album Rockferry, spoke to 6 Music at the Ivor Novello Awards about his forthcoming project with her.

He said: "It's a Joe Meek production, it's a song called Please Stay and it's the last song that Joe Meek recorded and they got me to produce a version of it with Duffy singing it."

Butler had only positive praise for the Welsh star and their ongoing partnership.

He explained: "She's working hard for the cause, she's out there working, slogging her guts out and I'm in a studio. It's a perfect relationship."

He went on: "She's born for it, she gets better. The bigger she gets the better she gets, hand in glove, it suits her. She's great, she's a fantastic pop star and she's our best pop star. You couldn't ask for anything more, she's a great singer, she's got great songs and she just makes you feel good when you see her on the telly."

Finally, as to whether she will have much artistic input on the track for the film, which is to be called Telstar, Butler joked:

"I just do everything, she comes in and just gets her picture taken. I mean, this is a cover version we're doing but yeah, the other stuff we've done - she comes in with ideas and a little notebook and we just play records and talk and drink tea and then see what happens."
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I think this is the song that Duffy is recording:


Anonymous said...

Nice song. Maybe Duffy will make it great!

Grumps said...

A Burt Bacharach song originally recorded by the Drifters. I can't wait to hear the Duffy/Butler take on this.

Of course maybe they should change the words to Please Go, Don't Stay to get with the usual Duffy message of moving on.