Friday, May 16, 2008


An excellent downloadable podcast (audio or video available) is available to download here!

Duffy performs for Spinner, The Interface in LA on 4/30/08.

Warwick Avenue Live
Syrup&Honey Live
Stepping Stone

"Organic and classic" are words used by Duffy to describe her rich soul sound. The Welsh soulstress is one of the U.K.s best-kept secrets -- until now. Launching her debut album, 'Rockferry' this week, she celebrated with a performance at New York's landmark Apollo Theatre, where her unique take on classic soul coupled with a passion for '60s British rock 'n' roll shined through.

Duffy's British blues sound seeks to steer clear of the generation gap with her endless sultry grooves. She tells Spinner, "Every day I feel like I'm misunderstood. You can't really control how people see what you do, really, although it's hard to do that."

Duffy and her band drop four songs from 'Rockferry,' including her new single, 'Warwick Avenue,' foreshadowing what stands to be the summer soundtrack for many. The young chanteuse also talks about her whirlwind of heat-laden performances at SXSW and Coachella.

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