Sunday, February 8, 2009


Contact Music has this article which appeared tonight:


Welsh singing sensation DUFFY has given up pursuing a career as a rapper - after an embarrassing studio session with JERMAINE DUPRI.The Mercy hitmaker stepped into a recording booth during a pre-Grammy Award special on Sunday (08Feb09) and was challenged by a video of the hip-hop mogul to rap in tune with a recorded track.
Dupri appears on screen, commanding: "Come up with your own style and your own sound."
Duffy gave her best shot at rapping to the star's single Stepped on My J'z, featuring R&B singer Ciara and rapper Nelly.
But the singer was dissatisfied with her performance, hiding her face before running out of the studio and declaring: "This is the worst thing I've ever heard, I've got to go."

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Texas Tom said...

Duffy's so-called Rap Battle article was too serious, because it was all just a goof. It was part of Duffy's guided tour of the Grammy Museum. They have an exhibit there where you can try your hand at rapping and then they play it back. Duffy hated what she did so she left laughing!