Monday, February 16, 2009

16 Feb: Duffy's Diet Coke ad - more info

This is from a Diet Coke Press-release.

Coca-Cola Great Britain’s highly anticipated ‘diet Coke’ campaign featuring singing superstar Duffy is set to air on national television for the first time on Wednesday 18th February 2009. The global premiere of the 60 second commercial will take place during the live broadcast of The BRIT Awards 2009 on ITV1 from 20.00-22.00 GMT.

The ad stars Duffy alongside other strong, confident young women who are taking a stand against the pressures of modern life. The 60-second ‘diet Coke’ spot shows the Grammy award winner coming off stage after a sell-out gig as the crowd calls for an encore. But before delivering the finale, she spots a bike propped up backstage and, in a moment of cheeky rebellion, cycles off before returning to perform the closing song.

Whilst cycling, she sings the soul classic ‘I’ve got to be me’ – a song made famous by Sammy Davis Jnr in 1968. The song’s lyrics reflect the new ‘diet Coke’ campaign which celebrates women’s right to express their individuality and take control.

Duffy says, “One thing I like to do – my way to rebel on tour if you like – is to take off on my own and turn my phone off. It feels slightly naughty but it’s important to have those moments.”

Coca-Cola Great Britain Marketing Director Cathryn Sleight says, “Since the brand launched, it has always celebrated women – their lifestyles, attitudes and aspirations. We’re very proud of this new campaign which shows strong and confident women taking control and saying no. Duffy, as a young woman who is in charge of her own destiny, perfectly embodies the independent attitude we’re championing. She looks fantastic in the new advertising.”

Lyrics to ‘I’ve got to be me’ as sung by Duffy during the ad:

I want to live, not merely survive.
And I won’t give up this dream of life that keeps me alive.

I’ve got to be me. I’ve got to be me.

Daring to try.
Do it or die, I’ve got to be me.

I’ll go it alone. That’s how it must be
If I can’t be right for you, you’re not right for me.

I got to be free. I just got to be free.
Daring to try. Do it or die. I got to be me.

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