Friday, February 27, 2009

27 feb: Duffy on "Live and Let Die" cover.

This is from an article in the Sun today:

DUFFY on being picked by Paul McCartney:

When I found out that Paul McCartney had selected me to cover his track Live And Let Die, the first thing I did was call my mum. He has written some of the best songs ever, so it was a great honour.

The original version is really exciting and unpredictable but for my version, I wanted to present it as a song, rather than as a big, exciting production. I wanted the sentiment to come through. Of course, I was slightly daunted. Part of me was thinking, “I hope Mr McCartney won’t hate it” but at the same time I just concentrated on singing it.

I’m really pleased to support War Child. Children are vulnerable at the best of times and these children didn’t choose to be born in a war zone. They deserve the same chances as everyone else.

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