Thursday, February 26, 2009

26 Feb: Duffy teams up with Clogau Gold

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Duffy teams up with Clogau Gold

by Charlotte Cowell

Hot on the heels of the superbly named Duffy-dil – a new breed of daffodil set to be launched by the Royal Horticultural Society in April - the eponymous Welsh songstress has teamed up with Clogau Gold to create a brand new licensed jewellery range.

A spokesperson for the family-owned Welsh jewellery manufacturer told Marketplace that discussions with Duffy were still in the early stages, but that: “She is keen to work with Clogau due to her Welsh background.” If all goes according to plan the full range of silver and rose gold jewellery will be launched to the trade by the middle of 2009.

Clogau Gold, which was founded when William Roberts discovered a gold mine near his home in Bontddu in Wales, exhibited at The Jewellery Show during Spring Fair International 2009 and reported that: “It was a good show and definitely worth us being there. [Because of the weather] there were fewer people visiting our stand, but we had a better quality of visitor compared with last year. The ones who attended the exhibition did so with a purpose.”

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