Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 Feb: Maybe a bunch of Duffydils would cheer them up

This from here (and various other places) today.


British Grammy winners ADELE and DUFFY have discovered music awards don't count when it comes to celebrating St. Valentine's - they'll both be single and sad on the romantic day.
Both singers admit they're not fans of Cupid's Day - because they've spent it without a date for so many years, and it looks like 2009 will be another loveless day for the pair.
Adele says, "I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Well, I don’t like Valentine’s Day if I’m single, but if things sort themselves out by the 14th, then who knows."
And Welsh singer Duffy, who won a Best Pop Vocal Album prize at the Grammys on Sunday (08Feb09), has a bizarre Valentine's Day planned - with a bunch of gay men.
She explains, "I am playing Heaven, it’s a gay club in London. So I’m playing this concept with all these beautiful men who are all unfortunately not really into me in a romantic sense. But here’s hoping."
Duffy admits, like her friend Adele, she's no fan of the most romantic day of the year: "It never worked for me."

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