Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 Feb: Are the new US releases available on CD?

I came across this article on Spinner.com which has the funny line "both releases will be digital only" just after it referred to the Rockferry EP as a "7 track CD". So are both these US releases available as physical releases or not?! Answers on a postcard please... (or if you would prefer to contribute in a faster and more inclusive way please post a comment!)

Duffy Closes the Book on 'Rockferry'

Even though she's been touring constantly, Duffy hasn't stopped writing or recording. The fruits of her labor will be on 'Rockferry Deluxe Edition,' a reissuing of her smash debut album, 'Rockferry,' complete with seven new tracks and B-sides. For the five million or so fans who have already purchased 'Rockferry,' they can buy the new songs only on 'Rockferry EP,' a seven-audio track CD, plus the 'Rain on Your Parade' video. Both releases, available Feb. 3, will be digital only.

"I wrote a lot of songs this [past] year," the Grammy nominee tells Spinner. "I was getting home at 8 a.m., going to the studio and flying somewhere else that night to play."

With just a few more songs, Duffy would have had a brand new CD, but she tells Spinner she wasn't quite ready to bid 'Rockferry' goodbye.

The new songs are "very much part of the same phase for me," she says. "[They're] in the same chapter, the same vibe, the same attitude as 'Rockferry.' So that's why I wanted to close the book with no regrets."

When it comes to her next CD, the Welsh singer reveals "I'm really thinking about a new movement, something new and exciting I can get my teeth into."


Texas Tom said...

No, they will only be available as downloads.

Texas Tom said...

No, they will only be available as downloads.