Friday, February 13, 2009

13 Feb: Bernard Butler comments about working with Duffy

The BBC interviewed Bernard Butler after he received his Best Producer Award. Excerpt below.

How do you decide which artists to work with?

If I like them. I'm lucky because what's happened has been really quick so I've been offered things that I just like, and I've got lucky.

With someone like Duffy, I just met her. Anyone in this room could have met her on the same day and I just got lucky. We wrote a song the first day we met. That song was called Rockferry. That became the title track of her album, and that's history.

Who are you working with at the moment?

At the moment I'm working with Duffy.

There have been some reports about her changing direction and going all Mariah.

[Sarcastically] Oh yeah, that's exactly the truth. If I had a pound for every time Duffy changed direction…

What's the new material sounding like?

We both have very eclectic tastes. What's brilliant about Duffy is that it's completely personality driven and those are the people I love the most.

Whatever she's like that day is how the song will be that day, and that will drive whatever direction we take. And we don't care what kind of direction it takes, as long as it's something we're both totally moved by.

I wouldn't put your money on any particular angle if I were you.

Bernard Butler's recent works on his myspace list the Diet Coke Ad (with Duffy), a film soundtrack (with Duffy) and the Warchild album (with Duffy).

Duffy recently said she was working on a soundtrack for a film about Radio Caroline and that she's also recently recorded a cover of "Stay With Me Baby".

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