Saturday, November 15, 2008

14 Nov: Duffy live on BBC Children in Need

Duffy performed Rain on Your Parade and Mercy on BBC's Children in Need tonight... the Duffyettes were seemingly back in force LOL
You should be able to watch it over on BBC iplayer.... I just need to work out what sections she is in (that sounds really bad doesn't it? LOL).


UPDATE: OK... I found it. You can watch Duffy perform Rain on Your Parade about 54 mins into Part 1.

You can watch Mercy about 37 mins into Part 4.

Remember that the BBC iPlayer vids are only available until Saturday and only in the UK.

Rain On Your Parade:



Anonymous said...

Who are those Duffettes .... they look like twins?

Duffysmate said...

The "Duffettes" are actually twins Stephanie and Charlotte who perform under the name of In-Stereo.
They have Facebook and Myspace pages. Check them out.

Anonymous said... 122mb 180mb