Monday, November 24, 2008

24 nov: Today the Deluxe 2cd album was released in UK

Disc: 1
1. Rockferry
2. Warwick Avenue
3. Serious
4. Stepping Stone
5. Syrup & Honey
6. Hanging On Too Long
7. Mercy
8. Delayed Devotion
9. I'm Scared
10. Distant Dreamer
Disc: 2
1. Rain On Your Parade
2. Fool For You
3. Stop
4. Oh Boy
5. Please Stay
6. Breaking My Own Heart
7. Enough Love

Buy it here if you haven't already. All the bonus tracks are worth a listen. Fool For You and Stop are brand new tracks and Please Stay is the studio version of the song that Duffy did in a few live shows a few months back... it's on the soundtrack of the new movie Telstar which I think is about to be eventually released.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new tracks!

Here is Texas Tom's thoughts about the new tracks:

Fool For You - I am looking forward to finding out who she co-wrote this with, because it is very different.
I love it, it is great. I love the wispy background vocals, I am a sucker for ooh's and la-la's in songs anyway. I love how she sings "what more can I give, what more can I ZAY", with a Z. She really plays with the words, like a jazz musician. That's just another reason she is wonderful.

Stop - Also, I am looking forward to seeing who the co-writer is on this, my guess is Booker. It is ingenious how they wait sooooooooooooo long before Duffy comes in with the vocals. In the 1920's, pop songs did this all the time. The song would start with the instruments playing a chorus or two, and then the vocalist would come in. I love it, it is also great. The bass line is similar to Mary Ann by Ray Charles which is a wonderfully groovy (with a groove) song. This is one of Duffy's longest recordings, I am sure.

Please Stay - I know Burt Bacharach wrote it and the Drifters cut it, and a 60's UK group cut it for Joe Meek (forgot the group's name), and that Bernard Butler produced this. This is a sheer work of art in production and I hope Bernard never leaves Duffy's organization. The guy is brilliant. The water drops, which might have something to do with the movie Telstar, are very puzzling, intriguing, mysterious,and just a never before used sound! It is a great sound. You perk up, tilt your head, tune in, and are invited in to one of Duffy's best recorded vocals ever.

Smoke Without Fire - the sample of 1:36 does not do this song justice. This is a 4 minute track! Again, the production and co-writership of Bernard Butler. Why isn't this guy a millionaire? Why isn't he a household name? Duffy sings the daylight out of this song and when she sings in the lower register, you know she means business. The first time I heard this, I thought it was a bit slow, a bit clich├ęd in the words, but now, I absolutely can't wait to see her do it live and tear our hearts out. And the strings are on there too, marching right along with her, like on ROYP.

Rain On Your Parade - this is the true follow-up to Mercy. Fantastic song with thunderous strings, a better James Bond song than the real James Bond song. Booker again as the co-writer, and he is THE MAN for Duffy's up-tempo material, go-for-the-throat songs. This is tough stuff like Dylan's Positively 4th Street. This may be the best put-down song ever. At the ACL TV taping, I thought Duffy was going to march straight out into the audience and strike every male on the head! Watch out for this girl. She's tough and won't take it anymore. If this is not a monster worldwide hit, well, it's the world's loss.


grumps said...

Interesting comments Texas Tom, Butler was the co-writer on Stop and Fool For You. The more you listen to these two tracks the better they get.

Of course the dripping tap on Please Stay is a reference to Joe Meek who recorded hits in this bathroom. Duffy plays "Magnetic Fields" on this track. I always knew she was a visitor from another planet.

Enough Love ... another of the demos that brought Duffy to Jeanette Lee's attention. The record company have certainly had their money's wworth from those Richard Parfitt demos.

I love Smoke Without Fire, a pity it's not on the de-luxe album. The way she sings You're a liar .... not in anger but in sadness.

Anonymous said...

and what about the graphic project? have any pic? the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Joe Meek version of Please Stay was by the Cryin' Shames.
For dramatic purposes please stay is used at or near the end of Telstar as Joe's once-confident world falls apart. features a different track.