Wednesday, November 26, 2008

25 Nov: Duffy Live@ George's Market Belfast (UK)

If you have the setlist, a review and some pics then please leave a comment.

I heard that Duffy played "Stop" at this concert but I don't know if there were anymore Deluxe tracks... Hope she plays "Fool for You" when I go to Wolverhampton. :-)

As for pics from this concert.... well the tabloid re making a big deal about Duffy showing her bra on stage. See The Sun's article about this "news" is here. I am not posting a pic of Duffy looking silly on my blog so you'll just have to visit The Sun and put up with Gordon Smart's comments about "chicken fillets". That's hopefully just a reference to the Three Non-Blondes and not a pointed reflection upon Duffy's cup size... yeah right... the sleezy Sun rag would probably prefer it if Duffy was a fake page 3 model.

But anyway - it's a nice dress. Probably designer.

Some other pics of Duffy from this gig would be much appreciated...

UPDATE: Oh No!!! It looks like Duffy's dress was half-hanging down for a while. Check this "picture special". :-(

Oh no!!!!! Now the Mail gets on the case. Not only did Duffy's dress come down exposing her bra for seemingly a large part of the Belfast concert last night but that horrible peach with sequins dress she wore at the MTV thing has come back to haunt her... so now the fashion police are after Duffy.


niamh burke said...

Here's the setlist from Dublin
2.Hanging on too long
4.Breaking my own heart
5.Warwick Avenue
6.Fool for you
7.Enough Love
8.Delayed devotion
10.Syrup & Honey
11.Stepping stone
13.Rain on your parade
14.Please stay
16.Distant dreamer

Anonymous said...

Photos of Duffy at the Radio2 O2 gig. Jeez, is that top secure?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not - shock horror - the Belfast outfit was designed that way!

A mealy-mouthed sort-of-retraction from the Sun:

And this lady photographer doesn't bat an eyelid:

Blimey. Whooda thought it?