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19 Nov: Duffy to play secret gig in city tonight

UPDATE 20th Nov:

Photos by Trent FM.


Syrup and Honey
Hanging On Too Long
Warwick Avenue
Delayed Devotion
Stepping Stone
Breaking My Own Heart
Rain On Your Parade

Live Review from Trent FM below. No videos from the gig on their site as yet.

Live review

As the biggest selling artist of 2008, we were very lucky to secure the musical talents of Duffy for an exclusive intimate gig.

The Welsh wonder wowed the crowd at Jongleurs in Nottingham with a sensational ten track set which included her No.1 smash, Mercy, her latest single, Rain On Your Parade and a gorgeous stripped down version of Syrup and Honey.

She also kept fans entertained with some amusing anecdotes, revealing that her hit single, Stepping Stone was inspired by an old lady she met while shopping in Cardiff! How random...

And, while she did confess to having a sneaky ciggy in her dressing room, she maintained that she wasn't responsible for setting the fire alarm off. Like us though, she seemed pretty chuffed by the arrival of the hunky firemen!

If you fancy reliving the gig in all its glory or if you weren't lucky enough to win a ticket, stay tuned to the website as we'll be bringing you the video of the whole show very soon. In the meantime, however, click here to see pics of Duffy performing live or let us know what you thought right here.

Another review (below) by thisisnottingham describes the fire engine hassle and said the crowd was noisy:

Review: Duffy, Jongleurs

WHILE the Christmas lights were coming on in the Old Market Square, the alarms were going off at Jongleurs.

It was this that delayed the arrival of Duffy on to the stage for her 'secret' gig, as the Castle Wharf club was evacuated.

It was, admitted the Welsh diva, the result of her burning incense in her dressing room.

"At first they thought it was because I was smoking," she quipped.

The 50-minute set, part of Trent FM's Live At The Local annual gig, steadily gathered pace as she ran through most of her debut No.1 album Rockferry.

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What was apparent far too early was the noise from the crowd. The 400 or so competition winners, who'd been given free access to an intimate audience with a singer who'll be on tour from next week playing venues the size of the Royal Concert Hall, seemed otherwise engaged. Chatting with each other as if they were, indeed, down their local with the inconvenience of a live band in the corner.

They'd closed the bar to keep levels down during her set but it had little effect.

She began to tell the story of how the hit Stepping Stone came about but was drowned out by some yawping females. I couldn't make out what was said exactly but Duffy responded by assuring them that despite the Dusty Springfield comparisons she wasn't "a lesbian" – and they'd have "to fight amongst yourselves."

And those that weren't talking were watching the gig through their mobile phones.


It was a shame as Duffy is a real talent, able to effortlessly handle the shift from seductive jazz (Hanging On Too Long) to 60s soul (Mercy) and tormented ballads (Breaking My Own Heart, a taster from her next album).

She and her six-piece band seemed to be enjoying themselves at least, grinning throughout, joking about her pleasure in the fireman's lift out of the venue during the evacuation and a past gig in Nottingham that she had to play by candlelight.

But there's something to be said for charging an audience to see a show. At least they'll pay full attention.



Original 19th Nov post:

WELSH pop diva Duffy will be in the city on Wednesday November 19 for a "secret" gig.

The 24-year-old behind the hits Warwick Avenue and Mercy is to perform as part of Trent FM's annual Live At The Local. Just a few hundred people, most of whom will be competition winners, will see her.

The venue will remain under wraps until the last minute.

"It's been quite mind-blowing," said Duffy of her success. Her debut album, Rockferry, topped the chart, selling almost a million copies.

"I'm enjoying playing live more and more but at the beginning I was really afraid. I can't really get nervous anymore. There's an element of vulnerability and I do get scared a little bit, but I just want to let people have a good time."

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Next week, Duffy embarks on a sell-out tour of the UK.

The competition to win tickets has now closed.


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