Sunday, November 16, 2008

16 Nov: "Rain on Your Parade" enters charts at 22

The UK charts have Duffy's new single at 22 today. That's on downloads alone... hope it can climb next week.

Hmmm... can't help thinking it would be more if iTunes had bothered to put it on Duffy's artist page LOL


Anonymous said...

I've got a new hobby .... watching Leona Lewis fans going absolutely bonkers over their gals xfactor performance and then chewing the carpet with rage because Run isn't on itunes. Hilarious.

Anyway tracking these leonatic ramblings meant I saw Duffy's Mercy go up about 40 places to 63 on itunes after her Children in Need performance. LOL.

danyelle6974 said...

LOL What is going on with iTunes... fab news about Mercy!

Anonymous said...

What on earth is this gibbering buffoon on about?

Beats me whence the British Brainwashing Corporation gets their so-called commentators; and we have to pay for this garbage!