Saturday, November 29, 2008

30 Nov: Hankering after "Big Flame" and "Smoke Without Fire" on cd?

Yes? Well so was I. Then I found this random "Rain On Your Parade" cd listed on with a release date of 5th December (as then with no tracklisting) and I pre-ordered it anyway, hoping it would be the German maxi featuring the vinyl B-side(s).

Well now the tracklisting IS showing up and the release date is still set at 5th December. And it seems that both the vinyl B-sides ("Big Flame" from "Stepping Stone" and "Smoke Without Fire" from "Rain on Your Parade") will be on this German maxi cd!

As far as I am aware, now that the Deluxe Edition of the Rockferry album has been released, this now means that ALL of Duffy's Rockferry-related official studio releases will finally be available in cd quality. Great news for sticklers like me who only got an mp3 player as of this year and still prefer cds any day of the week... Details below:

Rain on Your Parade [Single]

(Released in Germany 5th December 2008)

Track listing:
1. Rain on your parade
2. Syrup & honey
3. Smoke without fire
4. Big flame
5. Rain on your parade (Video Data Track)
Availble from


Texas Tom said...

Thank you, Danyelle, for your great detective work! I can't wait to get my copy.
Texas Tom.

Anonymous said...

For the mean time, I have the mp3 version of Big Flame if anybody needs it.

Alysha said...

I have the Mp3version of big flame.

Giuseppe said...

I cannot find a reasonably priced copy of the "Rain On Your Parade" CDM, and I cannot purchase a download of the bonus tracks because they are not available in my country :(

Can anyone please assist me in finding a HQ mp3 or m4a of "Big Flame"?