Thursday, November 27, 2008

27 Nov: Radio 2 Concert featuring Duffy


Thanks to the 32min video currently on the BBC Radio 2 website we know more of the setlist at this gig:
1. Rain on Your Parade
2. Serious
3. Warwick Ave
4. Breaking My Own Heart
5. Stepping Stone
6. Stop
7. Mercy

Wonderwall was also played, but no idea where it came in the set. Watch a video of Wonderwall below:

BBC Radio 2 broadcast highlights of the "Live In London" concert tonight featuring Adele, Keane, James Morrisson, The Feeling and Duffy.

Duffy was the first artist to perform.
Radio 2 Setlist:
1. Rain On Your Parade
2. Serious
3. Warwick Avenue
4. Stop
5. Mercy
Duffy also performed "...a stunning stripped down version of Oasis' Wonderwall, which she dedicated to Radio 2" but it was not broadcast on the radio and neither were a couple of other songs she did on the evening :-(

NOTE: If you want to download what Radio 2 aired of this concert please see the comments on this blogpost. :-)

Also you can watch 2 tracks from Duffy's set currently on the BBCi channel (got to BBC One on your Sky Box or Freeview then press the red button). It's being repeated over the next few days. Check here for specific times when it will be on.

Click here to watch the BBC's video interview with Duffy and also more video footage of Duffy's set.

Click the photos below to see larger images.

The 4 below are by forum user alecsp:

This is Duffy arriving:

These are from gigwise:

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danyelle6974 said...

02 Duffy - Rain On Your Parade
03 (Duffy speaks)
04 Duffy - Serious
05 Duffy - Warwick Avenue
06 Duffy - Stop
07 Duffy - Mercy

These are original mp2 files from the 192kbps quality DAB broadcast - massive thanks to my friend Paul for these.