Friday, November 7, 2008

'Rain On Your Parade' - Out Sunday 9th November

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'Rain On Your Parade' - Out Sunday 9th November

Duffy's brand new single 'Rain On Your Parade', is out to download on Sunday 9th November.

Click here to download the song from iTunes when the time comes.

'Rain On Your Parade' will get its physical release the following Monday (17th November).

Click here to order on 7" vinyl, featuring the B-side, 'Smoke Without Fire'.

Click here to order on CD with B-side 'Syrup And Honey'.

Don't forget 'Rockferry: Deluxe Edition', featuring a second disc of exclusive bonus material, is out on Monday 24th November.

1. 'Rockferry'
2. 'Warwick Avenue'
3. 'Serious'
4. 'Stepping Stone'
5. 'Syrup & Honey'
6. 'Hanging On Too Long'
7. 'Mercy'
8. 'Delayed Devotion'
9. 'I'm Scared'
10. 'Distant Dreamer'

Bonus Disc:
1. 'Rain On Your Parade'
2. 'Fool For You'
3. 'Stop'
4. 'Oh Boy'
5. 'Please Stay'
6. 'Breaking My Own Heart'
7. 'Enough Love'

Click here to pre-order 'Rockferry: Deluxe Edition' now and make sure you've secured your copy of this landmark disc.

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Duffy will select her favourite picture and the winning entrant will be honoured with a spot in her Top Friends list.

A selection of the best photos will also be featured on Duffy's Rockyou Slideshow on her MySpace profile.

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Good luck everybody!


Bassingthwaighte said...

I assumed that the b-sides were going to be up on iTunes today too, but unfortunately I was wrong...

Can't wait to hear 'Smoke Without Fire'!

danyelle6974 said...

Don't know what they are playing at. "Big Flame" never made it to itunes so I really hope "Smoke Without Fire" does. Hardly helpful is it (when lots of people have ipods) to have a song on vinyl only. Don't get me wrong,I enjoy collecting the vinyl AND the cd but you have to resort to illegal copying if you want an mp3 of the vinyl bside. I'm sure they'd sell more if they released it digitally... crazy.

september spice said...

Last week on Spicks & Specks (Australian show) one of the guests was Ian 'Dicko' Dickson, an Idol judge & record industry person. They asked about him being responsible for killing vinyl back in the 90s. Apparently records were released in different formats as industry people thought people buying different types was the only way to hit #1. Dicko then proved this wrong buy selling what he thought to be a bad song only on cd - it hit #1 & then vinyl was fazed out.

I suppose it's a similar thing now, despite people being very technological, some still prefer cds, others vinyl... : )

danyelle6974 said...

It doesn't make it the right way to go about it. It is inconvenient for people to have only vinyl and no downloads. So what do people do? They get round it by illegally sharing the mp3s on the internet. If record companies were really bothered about people stealing music then they'd make it available to purchase. Google the b sides and then will be available as free downloads somewhere and almost everyone who finds them that way (or pms a mate on a forum) would have paid 79p to get them legally through itunes.

Then again maybe the record companies aren't that bothered about illegal downloading when it comes down to it. It spreads the word about the artist and then people who don't want to illegally download will buy the cd, or will buy the cd once they have listened to the illegal download.