Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1 Apr: Duffy gets upset filming Warwick Avenue

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Duffy’s Tears On Video Set

EXCLUSIVE | We were there as the young singer got upset while filming the video for her next single…

MTV News was on set last week as Duffy shot the promo for her new single Warwick Avenue.

The 23 year old Welsh singer cried while filming as she was reminded of the breakup that inspired the track.

At the shoot Duffy exclusively told us: “I found myself getting really emotional. The song came on and I’m at this place where it’s really happening and it all just hit me and I got a little bit upset.”

The video was shot in London and showed the Mercy diva taking a cab journey from Warwick Avenue to a world filled with dancers and balloons.

She continued: “I’ve never ever got that emotional really listening to my own music. I’ve never listened to Warwick’ outside of the studio. Then there it was, in London, and it all kind of came back. It’s been a really mad day.”

Duffy’s single Warwick Avenue is released on May 26. Her Rockferry album is currently number one in the charts.
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View a clip of the making of the video below.

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