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29 Apr: Duffy in Dutch Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad

Duffy is mentioned in today's Dutch newspaper 'Algemeen Dagblad'. She is compared (yet again) to Adele and Amy Winehouse... still at least the provided a couple of pics from Duffy's show at the Coachella Festival - I don't think the other photos on my blog show the full extent of Duffy's little Goldfrapp style dress....

Anyway. The full newspaper article is below, along with the main photo. (Click on them to see larger image.)

I put the text from the article through google translate and the result is below... my fave quote is:
Duffy, Adele and Winehouse are rather on the type of girl next door: fun, but not the big breasts and raised lips.

Google translate result below:

The souldiva are back

Duffy, Adele, Amy Winehouse: women dominate the charts with nostalgic soulsongs, inspired by Motown and the sixties. Men seem to stand in their shadow, but behind the scenes is the boss.
enlarge image Adele, Amy winehouse and Duffy. PICTURES EPA / AP
The blonde Duffy, the wereldster Amy Winehouse, Adele with her beautiful voice: these ladies are top of British charts around the world. In times where CDs sell increasingly worse, these ladies scored remarkable.

The big new star is Duffy. Aimee Anne Duffy from Wales, 23 years pass, the last few years was prepared for the great work. In March its debut finally appeared: a strong first album, though she sometimes hes voice of Amy Winehouse itself barely distinguishable.

Adele from London with haar19 year younger. The singer living with her mother recently gave the album 19. Adele is compared with the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. That they would be a star, it was not hard to predict: Adele Atkins sat on school with the equally successful singers Katie Melua, Kate Nash and Leona Lewis.

Duffy and Adele are already gekscherend The New Amy's, the troonopvolgsters of Amy Winehouse, himself only 24. The three ladies are strongly influenced by major artists from the past: Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Etta James. Both the album Winehouse as that of Duffy also refers explicitly to the Motown record label and the 60s.

Although the ladies in the spotlight, his men behind the scenes is the boss. The brain behind the retro-trend is the British producer Mark Ronson (32). He determined the course of the last album by Amy Winehouse, Back to Black. He scored a hit with the Winehouse sung by Valerie, a cover of the famous rock group The Zutons England. The Netherlands was in a 1-hit song, the first world who just download. Ronson also worked with Adele and another singer who scored gold: Lilly Allen.

Duffy knows also supported by men. The big man behind her success is producer Bernard Butler (38), guitarist of the rock band Suede lifted. The singer appeared years ago on a talent in Wales is still a shy teenager, but now she is a little vamp. On July 2 shall Duffy in Paradiso in Amsterdam: the concert was sold out within the shortest times.

After the generation of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, just as famous for their appearance and because their musical talent, is the new generation of stars much more accessible. Duffy, Adele and Winehouse are rather on the type of girl next door: fun, but not the big breasts and raised lips. They sell themselves even if sekssymbool. The regular stature of Adele is vexed, but she's not open and uncertain.

The platenbazen of Duffy and Adele therefore need not worry. Their employees are a lot braver than Amy Winehouse. Hardop they will not say, but Duffy and Adele seem to be happy in her footsteps.

Addicted or not, Amy Winehouse does not win. She takes in the footsteps of Shirley Bassey, with producer Mark Ronson on the title track for the new James Bond: Quantum of Solace. Moreover, her album Back to Black, a rousing ode to the soulgeluid of Motown and the sixties of the last century, the world still high in the charts. Duffy and Adele can not touching.
[End Article]

Hmmm... yet another article lumping Duffy with Winehouse and Adele. I don't think Duffy is "happy" in Winehouse's footsteps.... she said in that P3 Live Swedish Radio Session that she didn't like the label "retro". Duffy is Duffy and she would be successful regardless of Amy Winehouse IMO.

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