Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 Apr: Duffy on Wawfactor 2003 - Watch Now!

I have posted before about Duffy's Welsh release and her appearance on the Welsh TV programme Wawfactor back in 2003... check out my previous post.

The below stuff was found here.
Here's your chance to see Duffy's performance in the final of talent show 'Waw Ffactor' 2003 on S4C, singing a Welsh version of Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' and the Welsh classic 'Harbwr Diogel' (Safe Harbour).
They have been youtubed and are below.


grumps said...

I wonder what the reaction to these songs is going to be? I guess some people are only going to SEE the silly hat and the dance moves. Thankfully the people who matter HEARD the voice. Anyway I don't think Aimee has anything to be embarrased about by the re-emergence of these old clips. What do other people think?

One thing I found interesting about the Harbwr Diogel clip was seeing that Duffy's mannerism of raising and waving her right hand was evident way back in 2003. I know some people have said that these moves are just part of her being maufactured by the record company - whatever that means - but yet again the evidence proves the haters wrong.

danyelle6974 said...

Hi Grumps!
Yes I agree with what you said about non need to be embarrassed - I think the voice is there even back then. Anyone with a brain can see how DUffy is so far removed from those manufactured acts........ that's part of the reason why I like her and appreciate her music.

Cool earrings BTW - not sure about the hat though. :-)

Anonymous said...

far removed????