Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22 Apr: Duffy's Fave Movies....

Got this news off the German Official Duffy Website. I put it through google translate and the result is pasted below:

Recently, we had Duffys favorite records. What DVDs, but are very forward on the shelves of the new Soulwunders? Sun sees its Top Ten:

Breakfast at Tiffany's ( "My absolute favorite!")
Doctor Zhivago ( "One of the most beautiful classics!")
Goodfellas ( "Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro - we must not have much to say. In the bloody scenes that I have always keep shut their eyes!")
True Romance ( "Love at first sight, always a nice thought!")
Love Story ( "It can be beautiful howl ...")
Napoleon Dynamite ( "So funny.")
Pulp Fiction ( "A great flick!")
Frankie & Johnny ( "A classic!")
Lolita. 1962 ( "Plays on your mind, wrong or right, this film is gorgeous")
The Notebook ( "This film is a typical woman's film, and I love him. History is moving, you have a heart of stone, if not at the end will break out in tears.")

For your reference here is the German websites previous post from 14th (also put through google translate):

Now you get the opportunity to do more to learn from Duffy.
The Soul asterisk that gave us a list of his ten favorite films and plates. Here's Part 1 - Duffys favorite records:

Richard Hawley - "Lady's Bridge" ( "This record is simply gorgeous!")
Otis Redding - "Dock of the bay" ( "For me, he was the greatest singer of all time")
Joy Division - "Closer" Collector's Edition ( 'Love will tear us apart' ... on this collection, there is an amazing live version of the song! ")
Percy Sledge - "When a man loves a woman". ( "What a devotion. You can feel his emotions, which he expresses immediately.")
Shelby Lynne - "I am Shelby Lynne" ( "A wonderful voice. Plate I recommend this often. Comes to me, as they would not know a lot - it is so wonderful.")
Marvin Gaye - "What's going on" ( "simply brilliant!")
Scott Walker - "Classics and Collectibles" ( "A reflection of his amazing work.")
Dave Godin's deep soul treasures - Volumes 1, 2.3 "(" One of my best discoveries ")
Bettye Swann - "Bettye Swann" ( "The Treasure of the Lost Soul Music.")
MGMT-"Oracular Spectacular" ( "Unbelievable!")

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Anonymous said...

Yep, it ties in with this:

I'm definately a 'dooo-wop' soul lover. Motown, Stax.... Dave Godin's deep soul treasures.
Anything old and undiscovered is also great... Like opening a beautiful gift wrapped box!
Great singers I suggest one should visit (not personally coz that would be spooky for them)
... Jean Wells.... Candi Staton (old stuff)... Aretha Franklin (of course)... Betti Swan... Doris Duke...
Timmy Willis... Marvin Gaye... Dusty Springfield... Diana Ross... Otis... Bill... Al... (The last few quite obvious)

and this:

"The Note Book" (ok, it's like a really wheepy cheesy romance thing)
Gorgonzola to those who know cheese!

I love a great romantic AND THIS IS IT!

From Aimee's Friends Reunited profile.