Sunday, April 13, 2008

13 Apr: Duffy on Virgin Radio

As we know from yesterday's Daily Star, Virgin Radio are covering parts of the entire TCT from MOn-Thurs after 7pm (not sure when Duffy is on yet....)

Well there is also this Virgin Radio interview with Duffy which you can listen to below:
'Duffy chats to Ben about TCT' by Duffy

Interview is also pasted below:

Ben Jones: Do you get nervous before shows?

Duffy: I have to say that this one is up there with the most nerve racking. Because it’s a legendary venue and big crowds. There is more people in the Royal Albert Hall tonight then there is in my hometown. 2,500 in Nefyn and I don’t think, really, they could fill the Albert Hall.

B: Have you seen Paul Weller yet, today?

D: We have actually just done a photoshoot together.

B: He’s a big fan of yours.

D: Well I ‘m a big fan of his.

B: How does it feel when someone like Paul Weller says so many nice things about you?

D: It’s really overwhelming. I was really nervous before I met him. I had to tell him how much I loved his music and then I thought behave, don’t go over gushing. But he said so nice things about me? That’s cool… Whoa…But maybe we won’t say nice things to each others faces. You never do, it’s really embarrassing.

B: So is your success as overnight as it appears?

D: If you knew me then you would know that I’ve been doing this for ten years. So to everyone I know it’s just another step, but then to everyone else it was like I was born yesterday. Its weird being very new to people- and you’re in the public eye and stuff. But it hasn’t been overnight that’s for sure.

B: A lot of people seem to compare you to Dusty Springfield and even Amy Winehouse because she is a successful female vocalist. How do those comparisons sit with you?

D: Well in the beginning the Dusty Springfield thing seemed to define me. People thought that was what I was about, and that’s really unusual because it’s quite far from the truth really. If people really knew where my influences were – and they could pick it out I would feel devastated. Because it would be like ‘oh no, they can see my influences in my music. I think your influences are almost like telling someone what colour your underwear is. It’s good that they don’t know the real source of where I get my real influences from. So it was ok – I was really honoured. It seems to have taken a life on of its own – this reference. I have been travelling a lot more then I thought I would and sometimes I can meet 10/12 journalists in a day – and if I’m not the new this I’m the new that.

B: You’ve been travelling a lot what place really impressed you?

D: Berlin, because it reminds me of London would have been line in the 80’s. It had this graffiti, punk vibe…It’s almost like you sense something is going to explode culturally there. Very artistic, the history of that place is quite fascinating. When I went there it had a really cool aura about it.

B: Where is the best gig you’ve done?

D: Without alienating the other performances I done, I tell you the Glaswegians are crazy.

B: So you’re playing at V for us. Have you ever been before as a regular punter?

D: No. Do you know what someone asked me last week, to describe my festival survival kit, and I was like well I’m going to be real Rock ‘n’ Roll and tell you that I haven’t been to that many festivals. I’m kind of like a festival Virgin.

B: It’s going to be like a baptism of fire for you this summer?
[End Interview]


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Somebody said the photo shoot was for the cover of Q magazine

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Which photo are you referring to please? Thanks. :-)