Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29 Apr: Mystery Duffy Sessions - help?

This is a short little snippet, but it features clips from a Duffy session.

I wondered if anyone knew:
  • when was this aired?
  • what channel was it on? (looks like France2?)
  • is there another source of this on the web - i.e. on the France2 website? (I had a look but I can't speak French and I didn't find anything)
  • is this the 25/04 slot as mentioned last month on the French version of the original Duffy site? Or are the clips from that showing?
  • does anyone have (or know if they aired) the actual sessions that these clips were taken from?


naOomii said...

I am French then I can answer your questions! But I don't speak English very well !

Video been broadcast on France 2, Saturday, April 26th! I did not see it when it was broadcast on television but I found it on the site of France 2
http: // jt.france2.fr /
Clik on: 20 Heures
Then you have the choice between: Le 8 heures / Le 13 heures / or Le 20 heures
Clik on Le 20 heures
Saturday, 26 It is necessary to go down a bit And it is the next to last video! Ok! I hope that you understood =)
My explanation is bad I think. I wanted to give you the link of the site but he does not work! Video happens in London in a studio, But I do not know London then I do not know where it happens!
I hope that I helped you a little. I have translate with an Internet site of translation because in another way I would never have been able to make it! But I think that there are a lot of errors! Sorry Sorry!!! ^ _ ^ I hope that you understand!
I like your blog very much, I am regularly going to see it! Duffy is a great singer!!! I like his album very much and my favourite song is I' m scared =) Bisous A bientôt =) Bye Bye =)

danyelle6974 said...

Hello Naoomii! Thanks so much.I found the video on jt.france2.fr
I understand it is a news article.

But why is Duffy doing a session in London newsworthy in France?

The session sounds fabulous... I wish we knew when and why they were filming it and whether it was going to be on TV!

Thanks alot,

naoomii said...

I try to understand your text
The site of translation doesn't work

"But why is Duffy doing a session in London newsworthy in France?"
I don't know "newsworthy" <<< (Word is not in the dictionary)
I cannot understand sentence! Sorry...

I can write a message in France 2, if you want, I can ask them for more information on the video of Duffy
When it took place and in which place etc...

I hope I shall help you! I did all I could! =) I have an English dictionary with me to translate as I could it ^ - ^

Bye =)

danyelle6974 said...

Sorry Naoomii!

newsworthy = "worthy of news"
I mean - why is France interested in a London Duffy session? LOL

Yes please, email France2 and ask them when and what the London Duffy session was and whether it will be on TV. ;-)

Thanks for all your help!!!

A Bientot!

naOomii said...

I sent an e-mail to France 2.
I wait the answer =)
Sorry for delay but I had no time..
I give you answer as soon as I have it!

A bientot !

Noémie. or naomi ^^