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17 Apr: Dutch Article about Duffy

OK so what I have done with this one is paste in the google-translated text here for you. The original article is here.

Duffy: "I am a long kept secret '
Wolkige arrangements and strong texts on debut album of singer Duffy
Published: April 16, 2008

Zangeres Duffy (23) with its sizzling voice and retroliedjes popular in alternative circles and among the general public. But with Dusty Springfield wants them not to be compared.
By Hester Carvalho

Amsterdam, April 16. Duffy is in an Amsterdam hotel room and takes a bite from a stroopwafel. "I had never before eaten. Beautiful! "Duffy shows in Amsterdam a few interviews, then she continues. Her career is rapidly since the release of debut CD Rockferry. "I have my vliegangst must overcome. I now fly daily. As recently in America, as I went from New York to Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington. Then back home and to France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. "

The interest of the media for the 23-year-old Aimee Duffy from Pembrokeshire in Wales is everywhere large. Because Duffy applies for something exceptional: everyone loves her music. In that respect it seems to Amy Winehouse. Duffy also makes songs both in alternative circles as popular among the general public. She is in the hit parade, and Rock Werchter next summer, and tickets for her appearance in Paradiso, in July, were sold out within five minutes.

The secret of Duffy is her voice. That voice has a sizzling quality, which contrasts nicely with the wolkige packages filled with sounds of marimba, harp and strings. Producer Bernard Butler (formerly of Suede guitarist, and later producer, inter alia, The Libertines) also arranged for an undertone of a hollow spookklanken, which prevents songs like Warwick Avenue, Mercy or Distant zoetsappig Dreamer. 'Retro' is Duffy, but the name of Dusty Springfield ', to whom they still strongly reminiscent may not mentioned in her presence.

Just as the early star no more long interviews. Not that that is a problem, because Duffy talks, as they themselves say, 'fifty miles an hour. "

Had they realised beforehand what success means? "This I did not see coming, no. I just had a dream - always be able to sing. Furthermore, I thought not. The enormous attention has beaten me with stomheid. And my father is even more impressed. He always believed that I would make, but every day he gets three or four calls on me. "

They enjoy the reactions they get. "It's nice to see that people appreciate what I do. I am often angry at myself for things I have not done well enough. Then it helps to imagine that one person who thanks to my music a little better feel. "

Her success leads to a contradiction, she says. "In England, but especially in London, it is important to 'super cool'. I do not know exactly what means super cool, I think something bored and unhappy. Now my music as' cool ', that would mean that I am also super cool, but I am very excited to be super cool. "

Duffy seems new, but had already been four years working on her debut CD. She sang in talentenshows, in bars and did participate in the Welsh version of Idols. Four years ago, she was discovered by Jeanette Lee that she describes as her manager, coach and best friend. Lee was known as early eighties percussionist of the band PIL, which Johnny Rotten after The Sex Pistols had been created, and later (with Geoff Travis) and the mastermind behind record company Rough Trade, which bands such as The Libertines, The Smiths and The Strokes discovered. "Jeanette has given me all that time kept secret. They wanted me to quietly give me the chance to develop, "says Duffy. "Even Geoff Travis knew nothing about me. People with Rough Trade thought that I was a trainee, so often I came there on the floor. "

Lee's contribution was that she brought Duffy into contact with Bernard Butler. In the course of a few years they designed together the "big sound" where Duffy was looking for.

The lyrics of her songs covered by the plastic descriptions of liefdesleed. When Duffy hearts are not broken, but called it: 'Smashed up hearts hung out to dry' (in Hanging On Too Long).

"I love strong images in texts. That is why I admire the style of people like Scott Walker, and many old, forgotten soulzangers. The best example is the song I Can not Give Back The Love I Feel For You, Syreeta, the wife of Stevie Wonder. It sings to herself, 'Here's a tear for a souvenir and a dream torn at the seam / but I can not give back the love I feel for you'.

"That image affects me. The relationship is over and the person I give everything back, but not love, which is still happen. "

Rockferry, Duffy is now at Universal. The action in Paradiso, Amsterdam, on July 2, is sold out. For her action at Rock Werchter in Leuven, Belgium are still tickets available. Inl.:

EDIT: I'm adding this little thing I found on youtube. :-)

"If you want just a little bit, you'll have to take all of me...." Similar to the ideas behind 'Stepping Stone' perhaps....?


Anonymous said...

Aimee you've given us a great big clue as to who is your biggest influence, we'll be guessing what colour your underwear is next!

Fred said...

An average song sung by an average artist. However, Duffy - with her purer voice and range - would make it a great song.

danyelle6974 said...
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Fred said...

Agreed. The lyrics are good, too.

Nice video interview with Five News here:

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks for the vid Fred!

danyelle6974 said...

Back to Rita Wright..... I do like the song but I don't like:
a. the awful key change at the end
b. the wearing and rather dated intro noise

But apart from that it is a super song and I'm sure Duffy could do a FABULOUS cover of it...