Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 Apr: 4Music Presents... Duffy

TV programme called "4Music Presents... Duffy"

This was aired today at 2:50pm (Channel 4, UK). Unfortunately it is NOT available on 4 on Demand (they only have select programmes available 'on demand' and this isn't one of them).

However, it is repeated on Monday 5th May on ch4 (11:40pm) and on S4C (6:25pm) so watch out for that.... Or you can catch it below from youtube.

Duffy sings live (no idea when this was recorded) and does 2 spots of interview. Setlist below:

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Warwick Avenue
Stepping Stone

From the interviews we find out that from September 2008 Duffy is heading over to tour in Japan and Australia. She wants to have kids, fall in love and have a "normal" life, although she wants to do her music as long as she can.... She was asked if she'd like to do a Bond Theme (what with current rumours about Winehouse doing the next one, and the interviewer commented that there is a Welsh heritage there, i.e. Shirley and Tom). Duffy said she'd love to do a Bond Theme.

No one asked her if she'd love to do Eurovision, although I suspect she wouldn't be as enthusiastic for that one, or maybe her promoters wouldn't, anyway. LOL

Now available from youtube below:


Anonymous said...

I didn't listen to it all but a lot of this is on youtube ... I saw the bit where she admitted that Shaky was indeed her dad!

she was joking.

danyelle6974 said...

Have you got the youtube link? I can't seem to find it on youtube. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Duffy T4 should find them.

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks so much! I kept searching for Duffy channel 4, ch4 , or 4music LOL. Got em now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i like duffy! no1 singer!