Sunday, March 30, 2008

30 Mar: Duffy Filming Warwick Avenue Video!

We know from interviews that Duffy's next single to be realeased will be Warwick Avenue. The above photo is from the shooting of the video. As the News of the World points out, it is rather Banksy.....

Despite comments about how sexy she looks (on the NOTW website) The Mirror wasn't impressed by Duffy's look! (Article pasted below)

Duffy stars in a video socker

Duffy was filming the video for her new single Warwick Avenue in London yesterday.

So I'm guessing that's why the super-talented songstress, 23, wore such ridiculous knee-high socks and an old granny's house coat.

She completed the unflattering look by chain-smoking between takes.

Let's hope she gets it together before her summer festival tour, which starts with Glastonbury in June.

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ThyGeeEph said...

Chain-smoking, huhh?
That's something new. :/