Tuesday, March 11, 2008

11 Mar: Duffy Lugging her own cases?!

The Sun today features this bizarre article with photos of Duffy lugging her own cases... well who else would do it? Bizarre... Anyway I have posted the pics and article.

Duffy Proves She's a Toughie

SHE might be at the top of both the singles and albums charts – but down-to-earth DUFFY still lugs her own suitcases.

The pretty songbird even managed a smile when she was hoofing her bags on her way to a gig in Brighton.

My favourite Welsh warbler’s debut collection, Rockferry, has already gone platinum after just one week on sale.

She is off to Birmingham next before jetting to Texan music festival South By Southwest – and no doubt taking the Yanks by storm.

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