Saturday, March 15, 2008

15 Mar: Duffy Live@ SXSW Festival Day Four

Today (Saturday 15th March) Duffy performed at Stubbs as part of Day Four of the SXSW Festival in Austin,Texas. Here are a couple of pics and vids.

Later I found this review, pasted below from here:
Looking for this year’s Amy Winehouse. Last year Winehouse was the biggest thing going at SXSW, and before long the rest of the world (and the Grammys) followed suit. So, naturally, there’s a run on `60s British neo-soul pop chanteuses at SXSW this year. And the smart money is on Duffy, the 23-year-old Welsh singer born Aimee Anne Duffy, who made her U.S. debut Friday at the Parish on Sixth Street. Let’s not take the Winehouse comparisons too far. Though she has a throwback hairdo, too (Brigitte Bardot’s), Duffy has no tattoos, and her debut album, “Rockferry,” is No. 1 in the U.K. Her single, “Mercy,” has been on top of the British pop charts for five weeks. On stage in a six-song set, Duffy radiated composure and wholesome self-assurance rather than danger and self-loathing. Her songs conjure up a happier version of the `60s: “Serious” rides a breezy groove that reminded me of Aretha singing Felix Cavaliere’s “Groovin’.” And without ever getting all that gritty, terrific tunes like “Syrup & Honey,” “Warwick Avenue” and “Mercy” sashayed confidently down the avenue, reveling in their affection for Motown and Stax. Around this time next year, everyone’ll likely be looking for the next Duffy.

There is also this review here by The Austin Chronicle, which is mixed really.

Review and great comments

More photos from SXSW Day Four below, as usual just click the photo to see a larger image. In addition, there is an excellent slideshow here.

The below photos are by LFKelly

The two shots below were taken by Zz3ni.

DMX Party

Duffy also sang at the DMX Party at Brush Creek Square Park (part of SXSW) on March 15. Vid of her Mercy performance is below.

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She is so gorgeus...i really love her